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+ Where do you work?

Tara lives in Delta, Britsh Columbia and rents studio time at a cooperative hot shop called Terminal City Glass in Vancouver.

+ Do you offer lessons?

Yes, if you would like to book Tara for a private lesson, please message Terminal City Glass Co-op and request her as your instructor. Visit to find out more information.

+ Can I request a custom order?

Of course. Just contact Tara to discuss your request.

+ Do you do wholesale?

Yes! Please contact Tara to request a linesheet and additional information.

cremation glass

+ How much ash is needed?

A general rule of thumb is one level teaspoon for each piece. Any unused ashes will be returned with your keepsake. Because such a small amount of ashes are required, Cremation Glass Keepsake can be created in addition to a cremation memorial service, scattering of ashes or traditional urn.

+ Can you use my pet’s ashes? Or a lock of hair?

Both human and animal ashes can be used to create a Keepsake. However, it is not possible to use anything except ashes, such as a lock of hair as the process is too hot.

+ Do all the Keepsakes look the same?

While each item is modelled after the likeness of the sample photos, colour and shape will vary. Encasing ashes within the glass is an art form that is handcrafted and can often have varying outcomes. Each set of ashes reacts differently due to variables that are out of anyone's control, such as the temperature and length of time that the crematory uses. Typically, the ashes show up as tiny white flecks, but sometimes they may produce bubbles patterns or interesting coloured flecks. Certain glass colours react differently with each set of ashes. If you have any questions or concerns about a particular colour, feel free to contact Tara to discuss in more detail.

+ How long will it take?

From the time your order is received, it typically between 3 – 6 weeks to craft and ship your Glass Memorial Keepsake.

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If you can’t find the answer to your question or would like to ask a few more, feel free to contact Tara. Questions and comments are always welcome!